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Traditional and Holistic Veterinary Practices in Fort Myers, FL

Veterinary Services Offered:

  • Vet House Calls
  • Vaccinations
  • Lab Tests
  • Heartworm Test
  • Feline Leukemia Test
  • Cold Laser
  • Anesthesia Free Dental or Tooth Scaling
  • Parasite control
  • Checkups
  • Nutrition
  • Dog Health
  • Cat Health
  • Pet Plans
  • Holistic Veterinarian
  • Chiropractic
  • Animal Chiropractic
  • Clinical Nutrition
  • Alternative Medicine
  • Alternative Vet
  • Complementary Medicine
  • Pet Behavioral Consultation
  • Veterinary Dental Care
  • Microchip Services
  • Pet Nutrition
  • Hospice Care
  • Home Euthanasia
Pet chiropractor  — Pet Dog getting Treated in Fort Myers, FL
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Chiropractic Services

This is a hundred year old method and theory of healing that was developed in this country. The major, premise is that the body has the inborn or innate ability to maintain health and resist disease. Disease occurs when the nervous system (the tool of the innate intelligence of the body) is not able to properly communicate with and direct the tissues of the body. The methods vary, but according to definition, chiropractic manipulation involves the application of short defined force to release the areas of the obstructed nerve flow. Only a trained graduate of a chiropractic school can provide chiropractic manipulations. Dr. Ramirez has completed the certification course for licensed veterinarians and chiropractors to apply these principles to animals, whose skeletal systems do differ from man's.
Pet Chiro — Dog smiling wide in Fort Myers, FL

Wholistic or Holistic Services

This refers to a philosophy of health care that considers the entire (whole) patient and their life style. In humans, this would include mental, emotional and physical parameters. With pets, we do the best we can to evaluate the entire patient without the benefit of verbal communications from the patient.

Many people believe that "holistic" refers to the use of medications from natural sources vs. from drug companies. This is not so. Holistic practice can use synthetic drugs, surgery, herbs etc. The term refers to the philosophy behind the choice of treatment not the treatment itself. At Affectionately Pets House Calls our goal is to help the patient to heal and actually reach a better plane of health and comfort than what they were experiencing when first presented. It can be more challenging than therapies that do not consider as many facets of the patient's life, however it will lead to less need for veterinary intervention and a happier longer life for the pet.

Herbal Medicines

Not to be confused with Homeopathic medicines, most of our modern drugs even aspirin and heart drugs were originally derived from herbs. Plant materials can provide powerful useful medicines and even poisons. Do not think you are not using a drug if you use an herb. Depending on the source, you could be using a very strong, although natural, drug. Advantages of herbs: Herbs can work more gently than their synthetic counterparts. They contain more ingredients than synthetics or isolated chemicals and it is thought that this God provided balance can decrease or eliminate ill effects (so-called "side" effects) and even act synergistically to help the patient: they are usually less costly and gentler to the body: some act more as a nutritional support to aid the patient's immune system in healing.


A system of medical practice and healing discovered and elucidated by a German physician 200 years ago. The most basic tenet of homeopathy is the law of similars. This states that the thing that causes a set of symptoms in a healthy human patient can cure those symptoms in an ill patient regardless of the cause. Homeopathic remedies or medications come from all sources - vegetable, animal, mineral and now modern drugs and chemicals. Another principle of this method is that the remedies are such dilute amounts of the original substances that there can be none of the substance left in the final preparation. This is a concept that many good physicians cannot grasp or accept, as it seems to defy modern scientific method. In fact, homeopathy has a vast scientific history and is more rational in its approach than today's pragmatic medical practice. It is just alien to how most of us have been trained. Homeopathy is not herbal medicine. Homeopathy is holistic when practiced according to the laws of Dr. Hahnemann.

Conditions Routinely & Successfully Helped

Sick dog, sick cat, pet skin problems, parasites, ticks, mites, allergies, ulcers, colds, sneezing, coughing, asthma, ear infections, scratching, itching, itchy, thyroid, heart, heart conditions, heart murmurs, separation anxiety, separation, pet behavior problems, animal spinal problems, diarrhea, pet old age care, animal digestive conditions.
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