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Read About Some Of Our Patient's Experiences in Fort Myers, FL

Everyone was very friendly and took great care of my dog mowgli
- M. & A. Campos
Dr. Iris shows her warm compassion to my animals & has a great deal of knowledge.
- C/TC
Doc Iris is the "cat whisperer" and our kitty doesn't experience any trauma or anxiety from his check-ups. Doc Iris is very knowledgeable about homeopathic remedies that really work!!! I have referred her to several family and friends.
- ST
Our dog suffered from chronic stomach problems - we were back and forth to the vet constantly. He was stressed out every time that I took him and terrified of the whole visit. He was not improving and just getter sicker. I found Doc Iris online and she has helped our dog to live a normal life. He ... Read more
"Dr. Iris Ramirez is a fantastic and talented Vet who makes HOUSE CALLS to compassionately offer her expertise and care for your family's beloved pets.... Clearly the best friend our dog has ever met! Iris believes, like the best doctors for the other two legged members of our family, in FIRST, DO ... Read more
"I initially contacted Doc Iris because my dog Oliver was in acute pain, which she improved immediately for him. However, she also took the time to evaluate his quality of life, and she empowered me with knowledge to help improve his overall well-being. Doc Iris came to my house for a same day ... Read more
John and I enjoyed meeting Doc Iris, she was professional and gave us great advice for Jake. She addressed all our questions and examined Jake with care. We so loved the home service since we did not have to take Jake into any vet office as he really gets upset. For the first visit it went very ... Read more
"Phoebe is back to 100%, she didn't need the valium or homeopathic pills for very long, she really improved so much just after the adjustment. It really was incredible to see! Just wanted to thank you, she is my baby and it was awful to see her in pain. I'm so grateful she is back to normal. Thanks ... Read more
"We are happy to be a part of your loving family too. Dr. was clear in all instructions and info provided was clear to me."
RS of Fort Myers FL commented "I was very impressed with Dr Iris. Her friendship with Michelle (my feline friend) was very obvious. All her instruction and explanations were explicit"
"Dr. Iris was clear with her explanations add left us instructions in writing which is truly helpful. She discussed many different aspects of my pet's health, including nutrition, vaccines and other health concerns. I would absolutely recommend Dr. Iris to any pet owner. In addition to her ... Read more
"Thank you very much for making house calls. It was worth every penny to have you come to our home instead of making the cats leave our home."
“Doc Iris ISTHE BEST !!!! Our conventional vet stated that I "should make a decision by Saturday" to put my Beautiful, Sweet 'Little Mee' to sleep. They weren't sure if she had a neurological problem, a brain tumor, or a reaction to rabies vaccine.( the conventional vet vaccinated her for rabies ... Read more
-S.R. Fort Myers
“My animals and I have been clients for a long time now. I have gotten to know Dr. Iris well and understand her. I appreciate her knowledge in nutrition and wellness and that she continues to learn. I love that she cares about the animals and their health and happiness in mind. She always spends ... Read more
-B.C. Fort Myers
"I was impressed with Dr Ramirez. This is the 4th vet that has seen Abby in the last several months. This was the first visit that was positive and gave me hope that Abby can live out the rest of her years healthy and happy. This has completely changed my view of the vet "industry" and made me feel ... Read more
"Cozmo is doing great!!! He's walking better, and seems to like new medicine!! I LOVED Dr. Iris! And would most definitely tell people how special she is!"
"I came home and found loose stool with mucus and bright red blood with foul smell on the floor. Got very concerned and called Dr. Iris. She was very calm and told me that the remedy for the condition was arsenicum album. I was not sure if this would actually work, but, I went ahead and got it. The ... Read more
"My Sakkara way basically lifeless...Dr. Iris diagnosed the huge tumor in 2 seconds by feeling the stomach. I had just been to my vet earlier, who didn't detect anything. .... That was 3 weeks ago, my dog couldn't walk, was anemic...is walking and looking healthy...service is excellent and extremely efficient." Read more
"Baby is really doing well. He still scratches his face from time to time with his front claws..... but I do not see him licking like he was prior to giving him the phosphorus. Amazing turn around, quickly. And I can see his hair on his abdomen is growing back, white.... even since yesterday it's ... Read more
"We saw immediate relief from the chiropractic adjustment, his back is straighter and was using both hind legs well, he had a spring in his step and was pulling the lead again."
"As for Mimi's treatment, my husband, Lloyd and I could not be more pleased. She had bumps all over her. An allergic reaction. She had been on antibiotics twice and though the bumps did go away with antibiotics, they came back as soon as the treatment ended. Dr. Iris prescribed herbal supplements ... Read more
"Affectionately Pets is certainly unique and a breath of fresh air. Again, thanks so much for your concerns and follow. You all are truly professional compassionates!"
“Dr. Iris has been treating my 13 year old Collie, Caleb since the end of December. Caleb has a form of arthritis in one of his hips and some other neurological issues. Dr. Iris began by giving him a series of chiropractic adjustments and within a few days he was walking better. Later she ... Read more
-BB, Naples
"Dr. Iris is a great vet. She is highly educated, and uses her intelligence and good instincts to care for my cats, Shadow and Darryl. Dr. Iris thinks about your pet's state of health and wellness from a holistic vantage point and I completely trust her advice. She has been our vet for many years."
"Dr. Iris was very clear in both her explanations and instructions. I really appreciate how personable she is (and Mandy) and how I didn't feel rushed. I do feel that all area's of Kisa's health care were addressed."
"Hi, my name is Hershey and I am a handsome,vibrant, and most importantly now 'healthy' mini pin. I was only 3 years old when I became very ill, so ill my owner took me to a vet who immediately whispered the words. 'We have to put him down!' Yikes, so what I was a little tired, geez. I said get me ... Read more
"Thanks! When you took over care of our 10 and 13 year old dobies, Ralph was seriously arthritic. He would have to rock 3-4 times to get himself up and he would fall frequently. I figured I would be fortunate to have a few more months with him. Now 8 months later with the supplements and food ... Read more
"Can't thank you enough for making my ShuFu's last moments so peaceful. You are amazing..."
"I want to thank you again for your concerns about Lady. It is so comforting to know that we have someone like you as her doctor. Someone who is truly concerned and not just going through the motions."
"No more fear. No more trauma. Doc Iris and her team are loving, holistic, and capable. My "kids" love seeing her. Zoe and Lola have never been healthier!" - EM
"Very concerned about the welfare of the pet and the people that own the pet! Very though. I love the convenience of not have to leave my home . Also the pets can be relaxed at their own domain.. Thanks again!:-) :-) :-) :-)"
"Doc Iris is gentle caring and loving and very personable. You can tell she is genuine."
"Dr. Iris Ramirez is the best vet that I have found. She knows what works best and what to watch out for. I always learn something new from her. She knows traditional vet medicine but she can also do chiropractic adjustments. My dogs are happy to see her and trust her and allow her to do tests exam ... Read more
- R & D S
"Dr. Iris looks at health & how to reach it from a perspective that no other vet I've ever dealt with does. She goes for causes not just immediate relief like with antibiotics, which is how traditional vets treat our cats' FIV symptoms. Hopefully the holistic approach will show real improvement in our cats without any more antibiotics and anti-inflammatory shots, which last such a short time."
- J & R Young